what happened before when Santa Claus was born

Intresthing what happened before when Santa Claus was born, I’ll tell you about it now. Once, before Santa Claus was born, there was one heroine of winter, Alice. She was very powerful and gave gifts to all the children of the world and visited them all. She lived in a world of good mages and the worst rivals were evil sorcerers. One day in 272 happened something terrible. The sorcerer Dot came up with a cunning plan that they will go and steal one boy and enchant him with evil spells so that he looks like a dragon, and instead of giving gifts to all the children, he will give them anger so that the sorcerers have a large army, and they could defeat the good mages. Continue reading “what happened before when Santa Claus was born”


2 My brother really likes music. Hes favorite singer’s Jay-Z.

3 I’ve got two sisters. There names are Laura and Joanna.

4 Ammy’s American. She’s here in England with her family.

5 We live in London now, but we don’t rally like our house.

6 Do you and your sister like your new house?