Present Continuous.
Add the –ing.
1. camp camping
2. swim swimming
3. travel traveling
4. walk walking
5. have having
6. write writing
7. cook cooking
8. shop shoping
Complete the sentences.
1. His dad and brother cycling (cycle) to the shops.
2. We not traveling (not travel) in Japan.
3. I sunbathing (sunbathe) on the beach.
4. She not waching TV (not watch) TV.
5. They not swimming (not swim) in the sea.
6. Sue staying (stay) at home today.
Write the questions and the short answers.
1. your dad / work / today /?
Your dad working tody?
Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.
2. you / have a good time / on holiday / ?
Have you a good time on holiday?
Yes, I have, No, I haven’t.
3. your mum / cook dinner / now / ?
Your mum cook dinner now?
Yes, she cook. No, she isn’t .
4. your friends / play football / ?
Your friends play football?
Yes, they play. No, they playn’t.
Complete the dialogues.
1. a. I´m going on holiday.
b. Where are you going ?
2. a. He´s cooking dinner.
b. What he cooking?
3. a. My sister is going to England.
b. Who going ?
4. a. We aren´t staying in a hotel.
b. Where  staying ?
Present continuous.
1. I watcking (watch) a reality show on TV.
2. My favourite team wining (win)!
3. Someone swimming(swim) in the sea.
4. Two people cooking (cook) dinner on the beach.
5. We not watching (not watch) a soap opera.
6. I  not doing (not do) my homework.
7. Mum reading (read) a magazine.
8. My brother not listening  (not listen) to the radio.
9. Dad not cooking (not cook) dinner.
10. Tara talking (talk) by phone.
11. Joe playing (play) on the computer.
12. Who waching (watch) TV?
13. Tina doing (do) grammar exercises.
14. I eating (eat) a pizza.
15. We siting (sit) in the classroom.
16. I not writing (not write) an email.
17. Amy not going (not go) to school today.
18. We not having (not have) fun today.
19. My team not wining (not win) the match.
20. My parents driving (drive) to work now.
21. Are they reading(read) magazines?
Yes, they are.
22. Are you larening (learn) English? Yes I am.
23. Are  Helen writing (write) a letter? No, she isn´t.
24. Are Sarah  playing (play) the guitar? Yes, she is.
25. We not playing (not play) basketball.
Present continuous.
1. Trina walking (walk) past the supermarket.
2. Where are you? We waiting(wait) for you!
3. I´m on a bus and it not moving(not move).
4. When are you coming (come) to see me?
5. I siting (sit) on a bus.
6. Pete´s mother not having (not have) a burger.
7. John´s friends playing (play) football at the Sports Centre.
8. My best friend siting (sit) next to me.
9. I not wearing (not wear) something blue.
10. My teacher not standing (not stand) behind me.
11. I not writing (not write) with a pencil.
12. Irama having (have) a shower.
13. Montse leaving (leave) the room.
14. Marcelo making (make) a phone call.

15. Rosa opening (open) the door.
16. Olga brushing (brush) her teeth.
17. Eva singing (sing).
18. Mati listening (listen) to the radio.
19. Jose walking (walk) to school.
20. Javi wrting (write) a letter.
21. What are the boys doing (do) now?
22. Angela eating (eat) spaghetti.
23. What are your teacher saying(say)?
24. Juanma playing (play) with the dog.
25. Where are Eva and Mar siting (sit)?
Present continuous.
1. I iearning (learn) how to swim.
2. I eating (eat) my lunch.
3. I watching (watch) television.
4. She reading (read) a book.
5. Dad baking (bake) a cake.
6. My sister listening (listen) to music.
7. Peter cleaning (clean) his car.
8. The dog barking (bark) in the garden.
9. We singing (sing) our favourite song.
10. My brother and I playing (play) a computer game.
11. The teachers showing(show) us a film.
12. They bringing (bring) a TV in the classroom.
13. She´s bored. Her friend watching (watch) TV again.
14. Martin´s excited. Chelsea wining (win) the match.
15. I´m scared. A big dog standing(stand) in front of me.
16. She´s happy. She not working (not work) today.
17. I´m worried. It raining (rain) and I haven´t got

an umbrella.
18. The teacher is annoyed. We not listening (not listen).
19. What are you waiting (wait) for?

I´m waiting (wait) for John.
20. Is it snowing (snow)?

No, it raining (rain).
21. What are you doing (do) today?
We going (go) to the park.
22. Are you listening (listen) to me?
No, I lilstening (listen) to the radio.
23. Are you watching (watch) TV?
No, we studying (study).
24. What are you doing (do)?
I doing (do) my homework.
25. Are they sieeping (sleep)? Yes, they are.


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