1.  Zahra is taller than Kelly.
  2.   It is colder in Finland than in England.
  3.   Jhon is younger than his brother Peter.
  4.  The brown sweater is more expensive than the blue one.
  5.  Buddy is thiner than Blackie.
  6. The pink rabbit is hungryer than yellow one.
  7. My sendwich is biger than yours.
  8. The Glamour Hotel is more modern than the Grand Hotel.


Dear Sue,

Greetigs from sunny Sapain. It’s very hot (1) and sunny here. The hotel is excellent (2) but it’s very small. There are only ten rooms. The people here are very kind (3) and frindely. Guess what! I met a girl. Her name is Carla. She is from Brazil (4) or Argentina. I’m not sure.

I want to buy Mum a hat (5) or a T-shirt. Which one do you think she’ll like more? Oh yes, I almost forgot. I want to send Frank an email (6) but I lost his email address. Can you send it to me, please?

I have to run now (7) because I am goin to meet Carla in five minutes and I don’t want to be late. Taik to you soon.


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